Enjoy Yoga

                    Private studio setting   
                Yoga Therapy for Individuals
    Beginner and Intermediate Yoga in small classes
Yoga is a path to wellness and self-care.  It is a gentle practice, yet still
very effective in promoting flexibility, strength, and mental and physical
balance.  Over the sessions students learn to use the breath, the mind,
and all body systems to create movement, ease, and body awareness.  Classes
are open to newcomers and varied fitness levels.
Yoga is the stilling of the restlessness of the
mind. - Yoga Sutras
Yoga With Jan Alexiou, RYT

Student Comments

I have received gentle, caring instruction in
poses and breathing techniques for the
whole body and mind

I have learned self-acceptance and how  to
practice Yoga to my own abilities

I have developed strength and flexibility
safely with a teacher who is knowledgeable
about the body

Jan’s teaching has helped me enormously
with hip flexibility, back strengthening and
releasing my neck and shoulders

I have learned to work with my breath to
create deep release

I really appreciate her meditative approach
for inner peace

I like the small classes and her
understanding of my needs

The relaxing atmosphere of the studio help
me ‘get away’ and learn to take time for me

I have become aware of my body and where
I hold tension